My terrible Christmas habit

I have a terrible habit.  Every year I write Christmas Cards but don't send them.

Usually, about this time of year, I start buying cards. Beautiful cards. I think of all the people I care about and start writing. Beautiful words pour out sharing how I feel about them and wishing them a fabulous festive season and a wonderful new year. Piles of cards. Piles stacked high. ..but then the pile of cards is still there in February!

Piles of Christmas Cards
My love languages are Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation and so writing (cards & letter writing, emailing, texting) words of support, love and laughter is one of the ways I express how I care about people.  Find out your love languages here

The problem is that I use up all my love energy in writing the cards and putting in lovely matching envelopes.. and don't leave any to then get to the Post Office to stamp and mail them! Life gets busier than usual in the lead up to Christmas, and then its February and the pile of cards on my hall table (right near my keys so I remember to take them with me) end up going in the bin...

So this year I am determined this turns out differently! Whether I use my scaffolding (see my previous post about my support structures!) or force myself to follow through, I am determined all cards will be mailed by mid-December.
If writing Christmas Cards is your thing or something you'd like to do better, check out these great tips inspired by Kikki.K's blog on what to write.

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