Play to your Strengths - Technology isn't mine

A behind-the-scenes peek today.  If you've been following along at home, you'll be aware I am emerging from a 25-year corporate career to start my own business.  

I'm grateful for a 9-month runway from when I made the decision to leave my role and when I will launch my new business.  These months have been a gift to explore both what I'd like to do next year and what tools and systems are out there now that I'm leaving the corporate world.

In the last few months, I've signed up for more free trials than I can remember and am drowning in email newsletters from all of them.  Technology is not my strength.  It can be pretty confusing and overwhelming out there.

"Strategic" is one of my Top 5 strengths (you can see Gallup's definition of this strength here) but I want to make sure I've chosen the best-fit tools for me before I invest a lot of time in building something and then having to do it all over again.  I've researched reviews and done the free trial period for over 50 different online products -

  • Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress for websites
  • Mailchimp vs Convertkit vs Dubsado for email
  • over 20 CRMs across all price ranges...

It was a real struggle to learn how everything was meant to integrate and there was so much overlap.  When I added up how much $ all the monthly subscriptions were going to cost once the free trials expired... it got scary fast.

Its a jungle out there!

 ...and then I came across Kajabi.  It was exactly what I needed - a one-stop-shop.  I cannot recommend highly enough for those non-tech-savvy business owners who will be offering online services and online learning / digital courses. 

Kajabi includes in one spot (and all integrated!) email services, pipelines and analytics, website hosting and easy templates, blogs (hello 👋 ), CRMs and easy to use templates for online learning programs that allow you to focus on the content and experience of the learner...

Click here to find out more 

Kajabi allows you to turn what you know into what you do.  

What online learning/digital courses you ask? I'm having a great time playing with developing a couple of courses at the moment.  Lots to learn about how to bring these to life but excited about how I can help more people through this mode of service delivery.  Watch this space!


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