What if you don't like Vision Boards?

All this push toward visual goals is fine, but I am not a vision board kinda girl... so where does this leave me? Look don't get me wrong, I've pinned gorgeous vision boards on Pinterest too! They are great to look at but I still haven't put my wedding photos into an album... I'm just not that kind of girl :P

I've found journaling a great visual aid for goal setting, tracking progress and to capture dreams, manage projects and a whole host of to-do lists!  Google bullet journal or check out #bujo on insta for a whole lot of inspiration. The ideas seem endless (as does the washi tape!).
A monthly and weekly tracker are great for my work journal to monitor projects, key conversations, appointments and deadlines. In my life journal, you'll find monthly trackers, birthday lists, countdowns to Christmas and other holidays... I plan itineraries and ideas for travel, as well as a list of dream destinations. You'll also find ideas for the garden, a capsule wardrobe.. and other "one day" lists!
Of course, my 5-year plans are also copied over dutifully from one journal to the next.. these provide an anchor for my dreams, my goals for the year and the meta to-do list which every working mum has constantly in her head..!
Journalling is a creative outlet for me - and provides a visual reminder of my vision for a better life, as well as keeping the actions which will get me there alive and tracking.

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