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What Matters

I've been reflecting on what matters, lessons learned, practices to experiment with and ideas worth exploring.


If you tend to the more introverted side of things, you know how exhausting it can be to operate in a world often designed by, and for, those more extroverted.

I love working with quiet leaders and helping them find their quiet power... helping them embrace their quiet power... learning to leverage their quiet strength... it would have to be one of my favourite coaching and mentoring journeys is the blossoming of a wonderfully quiet person into a proud, confident quiet person. 

Does this sound like you?


Know your Worth

There’s an infectious confidence when you know what you’re worth.

You don’t need to verbalise it because you project it by the way you carry yourself.

Invest in you, know what you’re worth and what value you bring.


Who is talking for you when you’re not in the room?

Coaching a client on visibility and profile.

A key question - Who is talking for you when you’re not in the room?

Talent and career impacting decisions in organisations are often made when you’re not in the room.

How can you let your leader know what you want/don’t want? Who else in the room knows you and what you can do?

Too often I’ve seen people invest heavily in a sponsor relationship only to have that sponsor leave the organisation, and they are left without an advocate.

I believe you need at least three people on your leadership team who know who you are,...


the power of a head start

How do you give yourself a headstart for the week ahead?

Sunday late afternoon is usually prep day in our household - meal prep, getting things ready for the week ahead so we can destress Monday mornings and have healthy grab and go options through the week.

Then we kick back Sunday evening with relaxed family time.

How do you give yourself a headstart for the week ahead?


Allow yourself to be where you are

Busy, distracted, balancing the daily demands...?  Often we run from one thing to the next with half an eye on one thing and our mind on something else.  We’re not doing anything well and we quickly fall into overwhelm.

Today I’m out of the office in a full-day workshop while my team are dealing with a heavy workload and stress load.  I feel torn.  I’m so proud of my team and want to be there to support them but I know they’ve got this.  I need to give myself permission to be in the room and focus on the people I’m with.

So, breathe in,...


How did it come to this?

"How did it come to this?", she asked.  She sounded helpless and defeated. This smart, successful woman was juggling motherhood with her demanding role while in COVID lockdown in Melbourne. When we caught up, she was bouncing her two year old on her lap with her six year old “schooling” beside her, tugging on her every 10 minutes. That day she’d had meetings presenting to the leadership team, delivered a town hall briefing to hundreds and pumped out a couple of board papers. She’d provided emotional support for her team who were struggling under similar...


How to tell if you are burned out and what to do about it

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? Feeling detached from your work? Know you aren't performing like you could?

There is a difference between feeling tired and being burned out. Burnout was recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2019 as an occupational phenomenon.

Burnout stems from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. 

The three main signs of burnout are: 

1. Feeling exhausted or lack of energy

More than feeling physically tired, you may feel completely drained of energy. Despite feeling exhausted, you may experience trouble sleeping...


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