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What Matters

I've been reflecting on what matters, lessons learned, practices to experiment with and ideas worth exploring.


If you tend to the more introverted side of things, you know how exhausting it can be to operate in a world often designed by, and for, those more extroverted.

I love working with quiet leaders and helping them find their quiet power... helping them embrace their quiet power... learning to leverage their quiet strength... it would have to be one of my favourite coaching and mentoring journeys is the blossoming of a wonderfully quiet person into a proud, confident quiet person. 

Does this sound like you?


Know your Worth

There’s an infectious confidence when you know what you’re worth.

You don’t need to verbalise it because you project it by the way you carry yourself.

Invest in you, know what you’re worth and what value you bring.



You may have grown, changed, evolved and be more capable than you were before... yet you choose to hold on to limiting beliefs that are no longer useful, relevant or real.

These beliefs stop you from trying, doing and being.

These beliefs stop you from becoming.

Choose what you hold on to, choose what stories you tell yourself. You can choose.


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It's where I reflect on what matters, lessons learned, practices to experiment with and ideas worth exploring. 

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