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What Matters

I've been reflecting on what matters, lessons learned, practices to experiment with and ideas worth exploring.

Do you start your day with email?

Do you start your day by triaging your email? 

This may feel like work but delivers little value and ensures your day is shaped by other people's agendas. 

Watch out for busy work.

Start your day working out what you need to achieve and grow from there.

by Austin Distel on @Unsplash


How to tell if you are burned out and what to do about it

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? Feeling detached from your work? Know you aren't performing like you could?

There is a difference between feeling tired and being burned out. Burnout was recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2019 as an occupational phenomenon.

Burnout stems from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. 

The three main signs of burnout are: 

1. Feeling exhausted or lack of energy

More than feeling physically tired, you may feel completely drained of energy. Despite feeling exhausted, you may experience trouble sleeping...


Six steps to unlocking the Power of Sleep

Are you getting enough Sleep? Are you waking feeling Restored?

For many years I didn't get enough sleep - despite going to bed sometimes at Nanna o'clock! I often share about sleep and rest because I struggled with this for so long.  The quality of my sleep was so poor that the wearables tracking my sleep pattern looked like a barcode on a soft drink can.
There are enough things in this world we can't control or influence but we can impact how we feel each day by getting enough sleep. With the right mindset, tools and techniques, you can improve the quality of your sleep and allow...

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