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What Matters

I've been reflecting on what matters, lessons learned, practices to experiment with and ideas worth exploring.

the power of a head start

How do you give yourself a headstart for the week ahead?

Sunday late afternoon is usually prep day in our household - meal prep, getting things ready for the week ahead so we can destress Monday mornings and have healthy grab and go options through the week.

Then we kick back Sunday evening with relaxed family time.

How do you give yourself a headstart for the week ahead?


How did it come to this?

"How did it come to this?", she asked.  She sounded helpless and defeated. This smart, successful woman was juggling motherhood with her demanding role while in COVID lockdown in Melbourne. When we caught up, she was bouncing her two year old on her lap with her six year old “schooling” beside her, tugging on her every 10 minutes. That day she’d had meetings presenting to the leadership team, delivered a town hall briefing to hundreds and pumped out a couple of board papers. She’d provided emotional support for her team who were struggling under similar...


Start dreaming again

Malcolm Forbes said "When you cease to dream you cease to live" and yet as a working mum, who has time to DREAM?!

So many of my girlfriends are so busy juggling children, their jobs, their partners that they barely have time for their day to day let alone personal goals and dreams beyond just surviving whatever is coming down the pipe next!

I'm not sure if it was too much economics influence at school but I've always used 5-year plans to guide my life choices...  I'm not one for a detailed 12-month plan but a 5-year plan works well.. and I've had a 5-year plan in place since I was...

Scaffolding for working mums

I don't know about you but I need help - and a lot of it!

To get through an average week as a mum working in an executive role with some travel thrown in, I access a lot of help. I have a whole lot of scaffolding in place to help to avoid the work/life collision.
A key part of my scaffolding is a nanny/mother's help who is with us from 3-7 pm each afternoon. She does school pick up, feeds the kids afternoon tea, supervises homework session, packs lunches for the next day and prepares dinner. She also does about an hour of housework like laundry or staying on top of the floors (both...

Build the recharge in upfront


A week at the beach with the children at the end of a long project has been a good reminder of the importance of taking time to recharge.

In the first month of the project, our team discussed the recovery plans - what good looked like included a successful delivery, exceeding expectations and then some time off before returning to the day jobs. 

This became an asset to our team as we worked through a challenging project with extensive travel and time away from family. 

The week at the beach for me to recharge became an incentive for the children and a reward for putting up with...


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