Start dreaming again

Malcolm Forbes said "When you cease to dream you cease to live" and yet as a working mum, who has time to DREAM?!

So many of my girlfriends are so busy juggling children, their jobs, their partners that they barely have time for their day to day let alone personal goals and dreams beyond just surviving whatever is coming down the pipe next!

I'm not sure if it was too much economics influence at school but I've always used 5-year plans to guide my life choices...  I'm not one for a detailed 12-month plan but a 5-year plan works well.. and I've had a 5-year plan in place since I was 16.  However, while I've had goals and direction sorted, even through the early parenting years, I kinda forgot to keep dreaming.  And I'm not sure when I stopped...
I know my dreams were alive and well during the adventures in my twenties.. but somewhere after my first year as a mum I dropped into survival mode and dreaming fell away.  I still took time out each January to reset my goals and calibrate against my 5-year plan.. but those plans were SMART.. achievable, realistic, etc.. the dreams which would stretch my reality were missing. 

In the last 8 years, I've built a dreams list alongside my 5-year plans and it has given me a clearer sense of purpose. I've already fulfilled a host of dreams which have enriched the life of my children and I.  Dreams I would have missed completely if I kept in the realm of the logical next steps.

Make the time - find a place you love and spend some time listing your dreams.. get started!

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