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Meredith Wilson

Meredith's experience in the corporate world and deep knowledge of people and culture have made her a highly sought-after Speaker, Mentor and Coach.

Work with Meredith

Work with Meredith

Meredith works with Executives, CEOs, and Founders as an Advisor, Coach and Mentor following a successful corporate career, where she worked at the Executive and Board level for more than 15 years and led large teams globally and in ASX10 organisations.

Culture Stack

CEOs, Founders, Boards and Executives engage Meredith to coach and mentor them to drive cultural change.  Meredith offers 1:1 support, bespoke workshops, fireside chats and coaching and mentoring.

Whether you are an emerging culture scaling up, merging mature cultures together, refreshing your culture to better align with your Brand, or targeting a particular aspect of your culture such as Balance and Belonging, Sustainability or Resilience - Meredith can work with those leading the organisation to shift the prevailing culture.

Work with Meredith

Leadership Stack

Work 1:1 with Meredith in your corner to help you see around corners and develop your readiness to lead through the Next Normal, and the Never Normal.

What's in your Leadership Stack? Need greater adaptive capability? Need to change your Scaffolding? Need to reorient your thinking and refresh your approach? Need to create capacity?

Meredith's Signature Executive Coaching & Mentoring program will help you build out your Leadership Stack to achieve insight, play to your strengths and accelerate and amplify your impact.

Learn with Meredith

Career Stack

Career savvy choices, navigating complex organisations, building competence and confidence, making the right connections or dealing with the overwhelm and burnout of big gigs - access Meredith's insight and advice on Career matters.

What's in your Career Stack? What needs to be? Are you clear on your Purpose? Your core values? Technical gaps? Experience sets? Need to build in time to unplug? Read more? 

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