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If you do nothing else and just fix one thing - fix meetings.

Change the way you gather, change your Culture.

Gatherings are of course more than just meetings. I’m talking about any time you bring your people together - social events, learning, hackathons, site visits, all hands, Thursday drinks… the list goes on. I love Priya Parker’s work on Gatherings. Her book, the Art of Gatherings, so beautifully guides us through how to do gatherings, on purpose, with purpose. Likewise, the idea of ‘leader as host’ taps into our natural hosting abilities. We host...



Change your rituals, change your culture.

Rituals are powerful when used on purpose and are often underestimated and undervalued in the workplace.

Often, the norms and unwritten rules of culture are demonstrated through rituals. Rituals are collective behaviours that are repeated, shared and learned. Together, they build and strengthen connections among team members and convey your culture. They may be visible through your welcoming and onboarding activities, how you gather and meet, celebrate and reward team members, and how you make decisions and resolve conflicts.

Rituals provide a focal...



Everyday actions can shift culture. Where leaders are deliberate and lead culture on purpose, they can shift their culture.

Actions shape culture. Actions speak louder than words. Your team are looking to see what you do, and the gap between what you promise and what you practice.

Leaders set the tone. Role modelling matters. Your people are always watching you. They notice what you notice. Your teams are listening to what you say - and don't say. Your actions shape culture.

But it's not just what you do. How you demonstrate leadership matters for sure, but so too does what you tolerate. What...


Are you leading your culture?

Culture is not something extra that you do on top of your day job. Culture is not something you do once a year when it’s engagement survey time.

Culture is the cumulative effect of your leadership:

  • How and why you bring people together (or not).
  • What rituals you and your team share- how you greet, celebrate and farewell.
  • What you do and how you do it. Your actions, even when you think no one’s looking (and someone is always looking).
  • What people see - the symbols and signs, the unwritten rules.
  • The stories you share (or don’t)

How are you thinking about Culture? Is it a...


Travel: The Best Education You Can Have

This year, I'm excited to introduce travel as a pivotal component of my offerings. I am hosting retreats for women in leadership in the stunning Queenstown and beautiful Byron Bay. Additionally, I'm thrilled to lead a tour exploring China, where we'll visit leading Chinese companies, historical sites, and modern wonders.

Looking ahead, I'm considering future destinations such as Portugal, New York, and Austin, Texas. Let me know of any amazing destinations you think we should explore and experience.

The Importance of Space for Leaders

Leaders today are seeking space. Increasing...


Read Shift

In some ways this book has been 20 years in the making and in other ways, it’s a very recent product of experience shifting cultures post 2020.

I’m passionate about making culture simple and actionable for leaders. Not stuffy, not fluffy - just real world, every day leader actions that can shape, shift and strengthen the culture of teams and organisations.

Order your copy on Amazon or Booktopia today.

Happy Shifting!



Conducting two Culture assessments at the moment. In our question set we ask about symbols. Usually this is one of the sections we have to provide an explanation and a couple of examples to get people started. Once started though, people can name multiple examples. It’s always worth taking our time on this because the examples people share are gold - often unearthing aspects of culture that don’t come up elsewhere.

Whether it’s who gets the corner office or car park, the exclusive milk club with signs all over the lunch room fridge or previous logos and branding still...



Culture has been passed on through storytelling for thousands of years.

Whether morals through children’s fairy tales or life lessons shared in the biography of a hero, we hand down our ways of living through stories.

Our brains are wired for story. Stories help us make sense of the world.
The workplace is no different.

Stories are an incredibly powerful tool to shape, shift and strengthen your culture.

Who are the heroes and villains in your workplace stories? Who are the storytellers?

Do your stories influence your team’s behaviours? How could your stories connect and engage your...


Get these 5 things right to improve your culture

culture grass rituals symbols Apr 26, 2024

GRASS is my shorthand way of remembering what matters most when it comes to leading and shifting Culture: Gatherings, Rituals, Actions, Symbols and Stories.

G.R.A.S.S: Gatherings, Rituals, Actions, Symbols and Stories. 

Grass gives us some useful metaphors for culture.

  • Grass needs care and maintenance; it’s not a one-and-done intervention.
  • Grass can be wild or a well-trimmed lawn. Both are beautiful when they are healthy.
  •  Weeds can grow even in the best quality grass.
  • There are plenty of varieties of grass. It can grow from seed or be imported as turf, or you can work with...

3 Cs of Careershifting

careershift Apr 19, 2024

Getting clear on what matters most to you in your career and the work you do is a vital component of your career shift. This clarity provides a foundation for both your decision and where you focus your efforts.

Too often we focus on what we can do and the gaps we feel we have in capability. People will start writing their CV or updating their Linkedin profile focusing on what they can do before they think about what they want. As the fabulous Lisa O'Neil says in her book, Everything You Want, we don't think about what we want often enough.

So clarity on what you want and your capability, the...

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