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Shift. Everyday Actions Leaders can take to Shift Culture.

The role of Leaders in shifting and sustaining culture is critical. Leaders are the single greatest accelerator, or brake, to shifting your Culture.

Culture is best shifted on the ground, everyday.

Meredith shares her GRASS model for shifting culture from the ground up.  

  • Understand why Culture matters more now

  • See how you can shift culture, everyday

  • Focus on everyday moments that matter most

  • Feel confident to take action, today.

Power up this keynote with Meredith's book, Shift.

Available as Keynote, Masterclass or half day workshop.

Leadershift. Leading in the Never Normal

Now, more than ever, leaders are expected to be worth following, to lead cultures worth belonging to and work worth doing, while investing in technology (and managing the distracting side effects), dealing with shifting societal and regulatory demands, all the while, delighting customers, keeping their team safe, sustaining growth and delivering results.

  • Recognise the shifts affecting the world of work

  • Better understand the shifting expectations of your teams

  • Rethink and unlearn aspects of your leadership

  • Focus on the four areas that matter most when leading in the Never Normal.

Available as Keynote, Masterclass or half day workshop.

Shifting to a Culture of Balance & Belonging.

Today, Leaders need the ability to lead balanced teams and create cultures of belonging. 

Beyond equity, diversity and inclusion, belonging is a platform for everyone to bring their best. Getting to balanced teams requires leaders and organisations to think differently, and lead differently.

  • Understand why Balance and Belonging matter

  • Rethink and unlearn aspects of your leadership

  • Know how you can strengthen psychological safety

  • Focus on the six areas that matter most when building balanced teams

Available as Keynote, Masterclass or half day workshop.

Leaders as Multipliers of Culture.

Helping leaders understand and embrace their role in shaping, shifting and strengthening culture, Meredith holds a mirror up for some self-reflection.

Positioning leaders at the heart of culture, Meredith breaks down the multiplier effect of leader behaviours.

  • Understand why Leadership is at the heart of culture

  • Discover the moments that matter

  • Link the power of modelling with the multiplier effect

  • Focus on what matter most when shaping, shifting and strengthening culture

Power up this keynote with Meredith's book, Shift.

Available as Keynote, Masterclass or half day workshop.

Cultures that work.

Go beyond stuffy and fluffy theories to practical, real world ways of understanding culture and how it shows up on the day job.

Rethink and unlearn what you think you know about culture, and make the shift to cultures that work.

  • Better understand culture, everyday and on the job

  • Discover why some cultures work, and others work against you.

  • Know how you can shape, shift and strengthen cultures that work

  • Focus on the five areas that matter most when shifting culture

Power up this keynote with Meredith's book, Shift.

Available as Keynote, Masterclass or half day workshop.

Shift your flow of work to create capacity for what is around the corner.

  • Readiness

  • Perspective

  • Deliberate calm

  • Habits & hacks

Multiply the performance of your teams. Small shifts in how you lead deliver big results.

  • Clarity

  • Connection

  • Choice

  • Challenge

  • Capacity

How to give people what they want by leading cultures that work:

  • Purpose

  • Belonging

  • Mastery

  • Autonomy

Update your leadership stack to lead today:

  • Clarity

  • Connection

  • Capability

  • Choice

Control, shift, delete.

Lead work & teams through the never normal: 

  • Expanding perspective

  • Sense-making & pathfinding

  • Adapting & executing

Building in your recharge upfront:

  • Navigating intersections

  • Creating Capacity

  • What matters most

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