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Culture matters more now than ever

As the world of work is shifting, culture provides a unique path to competitive advantage. Organisations that make culture work for them will both stabilise and accelerate their performance. And in this era of Never Normal, where forecasting horizons are shrinking, culture can take you further than strategy can imagine.

Meredith works with executives, CEOs and leadership teams to shape, shift, strengthen and lead cultures. 

Culture that works

Your culture is either working for you or working against you. Culture is rarely benign. Whether your business is scaling up, merging, or maturing, your organisational culture will need to adapt. 

Meredith works with leaders and organisations to shift their culture. Meredith simplifies culture and makes it actionable. Learn to see culture and understand what culture does. Find out how to make culture work for you, not against you.

Shift to a culture that works. A culture that works for you.


Culture Speaker 


Meredith speaks about culture with warmth and humour. She has a unique ability to lower heart rates in her audience, bringing a sense of calm and belief that shifting culture is doable. 

Meredith's experience in the corporate world and deep knowledge of culture and leadership have made her a highly sought-after Speaker and Panellist. 

 Meredith's passion for culture, leadership and learning is palpable and engaging. Her insight and experience, combined with her pragmatic approach, and ability to connect draws in people from the Boardroom to the coal face. Literally.

‚ÄčThrough her own stories and real-life examples drawn from a variety of industries and organisations, Meredith will have you laughing and learning.¬†

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Shift your Culture.

Meredith is a culture strategist who partners with CEOs, Executive teams and Leaders to shift cultures in teams and organisations. Culture keynotes, culture workshops, team days and masterclasses, are supported by her book, Shift: Everyday actions leaders can take to shift culture.

Meredith is able to draw on her extensive experience, and the full offering of The People Game, as required. Whether your needs are large or small, chat with Meredith about how she can work with you and your team to shape, shift and strengthen your culture.

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Leaders multiply your culture

Leaders have an outsized impact on the culture of your organisation. The behaviours leaders demonstrate, tolerate and role model act as multipliers. Leaders have a ripple effect on the culture of the whole organisation. Executives and top teams prefer to work with Meredith because, unlike many culture experts, Meredith has operated at Executive and Board level for over 15 years. Meredith works with Boards, CEOs and Executives as teams and individually to shift their culture through leadership.

Leadership Teams

Sometimes you just need to bring your team together to build connection, cohesion and alignment. Leadership team dynamics impact organisational performance and have a ripple effect on the culture of the whole organisation. Investing in your team culture and ways of working pays performance dividends beyond the top table.

Meredith delivers 1-2 day Team Workshops both onsite and offsite.

Meredith also facilitates Executive Retreats with popular destinations including Byron Bay, Port Douglas, Hamilton Island, Queenstown, Fiji, Phuket, and Bali. Retreats typically range from 2 - 5 days.


Team Culture.

Shift your teams, shift your culture.

Every organisation is made up of teams. Strengthen your team culture with a team day that moves beyond the usual. Whether the popular Play to your Strengths or How we Roll workshops, or a bespoke team day, Meredith can work with you and your team to shape, shift and strengthen your culture.

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Culture Masterclasses & Workshops

Culture is caught, not taught. Meredith offers a range of masterclass and workshop topics across culture and leadership. Masterclasses are delivered online on zoom. Workshops are delivered in person over a half or full day. 

Meredith's credibility, creativity and challenge actively engages leaders to shift the way they think, learn and lead.

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Culture may be intangible, but its impacts are not.

When Meredith talks, everyone listens. What she has to say adds significant meaning, with clarity of insight. She has deep knowledge on the inner workings of an enterprise and how to connect with the essence of what needs to change, and how to do so, to drive success. This is based on in depth understanding of industry best practice. Over the last few years I have worked with Meredith, I have taken on board her wisdom and trusted her counsel. But apart from all that, she is a genuinely fun person to be around!

Kerith, GM Operations

Meredith combines insight about leadership, culture and organisational performance and is able to bring this to life through high-impact initiatives that create both engagement and commercial outcomes. She is across the latest thinking and innovation in her field but she knows what will work in reality and doesn’t get drawn into fads. Leaders trust her because she is evidenced- based and her track record speaks for itself. 

Anna, GM Leadership & Talent


Meredith combines a very strong intellect with a wide breadth of business knowledge and experience and an awesome ability to get things done. She is insightful yet practical. She is serious when this is called for, but also has an infectious sense of humour. She is able to interact successfully and engage people at all levels of the organisation. She often goes way beyond the call of duty and has a very strong work ethic - she delivers. I would have no hesitation recommending Meredith since it is rare to come across someone this talented and effective.

Gavin Fraser, Blue Ocean Strategy Institute

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