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How did it come to this?

"How did it come to this?", she asked.  She sounded helpless and defeated. This smart, successful woman was juggling motherhood with her demanding role while in COVID lockdown in Melbourne. When we caught up, she was bouncing her two year old on her lap with her six year old “schooling” beside her, tugging on her every 10 minutes. That day she’d had meetings presenting to the leadership team, delivered a town hall briefing to hundreds and pumped out a couple of board papers. She’d provided emotional support for her team who were struggling under similar conditions. 

A massive day by normal measure.  All while dealing with Jugglehood. With her usual scaffolding of childcare, school and occasional help at home all inaccessible, she faced weeks more of the same. 

We talked through how she was feeling and we started to focus on what she was grateful for and what was working well. As we talked, she softened and started to relax. We narrowed in on what she could control and influence and set aside the long list of things she couldn’t. 

She slowed and calmed. Her children responded. They were less frantic and less demanding. They giggled and cuddled in while playing and creating around her. Her sense of calm was infectious. 

Our conversation moved to “How?” She was no longer stuck. The options to manage and thrive through the next weeks flowed. 

If you’ve friends or colleagues in similar circumstances, reach out for a conversation. How can you help?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck, who can you talk with to help you through? How can you focus on what’s possible and positive? How can you move forward? 

Let’s all ask How together. 

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