The importance of doing nothing

As we slowly start to return to workplaces, like you, I’m thinking about how not to squander the reset of the last few months. Once the intensity of crisis management transitioned into the new normal, I found moments of quiet which might otherwise have been spent previously in a car crossing a city for meetings, on a plane or at various events. While I’ve always made time to reflect, I relished this quiet, this downtime.

 In addition to catching up on some reading, the opportunity to enjoy periods of uninterrupted thinking, creativity, and insight has been invaluable. I feel refreshed, refocused and ready for what’s next. We know multitasking and ‘always-on’ [work] environments are negatively impacting productivity and dampening creativity. It can be hard to carve time out of busy lives to think. Prof Ket de Vries from Insead here in this quick read on how to achieve periods of uninterrupted thinking and the benefits including generating novel ideas and solutions more effectively.

📷by @anniespratt via unsplash

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