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I've been reflecting on what matters, lessons learned, practices to experiment with and ideas worth exploring.

Spend more Moments in the Moment

I get it.  Busy busy.  Every moment filled and rushing to the next.  Hoping for a moment of peace and quiet.

Balancing everyone else's needs and trying to squeeze in moments of time for you.

Today's challenge: how can you spend more moments in the moment?


You need to Name it to Tame it

You need to Name it to Tame it.  Whether you’re peeking under the corner of your mental rug where you’ve swept your stuff or you’re diving into the deep end to swim through your stuff... before you move forward, before you accept or embrace it, before you work through it... you need to label it. 

Name it.

By giving it a name, you can start to work on it.

Until then it’s just a mess. 

The name can be one you give or it can be one you recognise when you are learning from others, and then apply to yourself. The name may evolve over time as you...


How we think about things is a choice, a decision

We know HOW we respond is a choice.

HOW we think about things is also a choice, a decision.

Whether you call it mindset or attitude, or something else... Where we let our mind go to, how long we let it stay there.. our thoughts, our thinking is within our control.

We’ve known this since the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts ~ Marcus Aurelius

I find solace and inspiration in these words from thousands of years ago. It reminds me to fill my mind with goodness, to read, to learn, to think.

Easy to forget or not make...


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