Recharge Retreat for Leading Women

Recharge Retreat for Women

Join Meredith Wilson in Byron Bay from October 11-13, 2024.

Retreat. Recharge. Refocus.

Meredith created the Recharge Retreat so that she could share an experience she wished she could have as an executive: a luxurious weekend away with great food and company, as well as plenty of pampering. Join Meredith Wilson for an inspiring getaway in which you can relax, reset, and recharge with a community of incredible women. The agenda is carefully curated so that you have plenty of time to learn, connect, and unwind.

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Byron Bay, October.

Give yourself permission to take a break.

As a woman and leader today, you are often under immense pressure to guide teams through uncertainty while navigating your home life and personal relationships. If you’re starting to feel busy, overwhelmed, and lacking direction, then it could be time to reflect and refocus by connecting with amazing women for a relaxing weekend away in a beautiful location. Take time out to focus on you and your future.

Join Meredith in Byron Bay to relax, recharge and refocus.

Recharge Retreat

Date: 11-13 October, 2024.   Location: Byron Bay.

Rest is a productive activity.

Come Away with Meredith

After working at the Executive and Board level for more than 15 years, and leading ASX10 and global teams in male-dominated industries, Meredith has the personal experience required to help women to identify their strengths, navigate complexity, and accelerate their impact.

Meredith is passionate about seeing more women confident to lead in executive and board roles in their own unique way. By bringing you together with other female leaders in a safe and relaxing space, she hopes to inspire you to lead with purpose, clarity, and confidence.

"Connecting with such a switched on and generous group of women" Lea

"I enjoyed the process, facilitation, conversations, reflection time, emotions, diversity in the group, clarity and actionable outcomes." Deb

"I thought it was challenging in a great way, thoughtful and had clear direction which allowed me to really focus on what mattered" Belynda

"The relaxed environment inclusive of wellbeing (treatment), the pace of the program and the content which was well connected." Hayley

"I loved the reset and refocus. I valued the freedom to think and new connections. What mattered most to me was  acceptance, no judgment." Tonya

"Was the right balance of group and individual work, as well as a bit of extra attention from Meredith for each of us." Liz

"It worked! I went from not even being able to work out that I needed clarity to complete clarity with direction, goals and actions." Mel

"It was beautiful - the spa session inclusion was genius. The food was great and the cocktails were pretty magical." Selena

"Loved the space, pace and grace of the retreat. Meredith and the team were so attentive and 'on'." Tanya

What is included?

Plenty of time to rest and reflect during a weekend away in beautiful Byron Bay.

  • Two nights accomodation in a luxurious venue in Byron Bay.

  • Healthy, nourishing, gourmet meals and drinks throughout the retreat.

  • An hour long facial or massage spa treatment.

  • Your own Recharge Workbook to capture your thinking and insights.¬†

  • A personally curated leadership or personal development book by Meredith to enrich your learning.

  • Facilitated sessions that explore leadership and executive careers to that you can design your life on purpose.¬†

  • A thoughtfully curated agenda with plenty of time to rest and recharge.¬†

  • The opportunity to create connections and friendships with like-minded women.¬†

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